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3 Tips For Ordering Drinking Glasses For Your Restaurant

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As a restaurateur, you have to think about things like ordering the right drinking glasses for your establishment. A few tips that will help you with ordering drinking glasses for your restaurant are outlined here. Keeping these tips and your own experiences with using drinking glasses to serve beverages in your restaurant will help you order drinking glasses that you and your customers will be satisfied with.

1. Make Sure They're Thick and Durable

For one thing, even though keeping pricing in mind is important so that your restaurant will get a good deal, now is not the time to be too cheap. You'll definitely want to buy good-quality glassware that is thick and durable. After all, this helps reduce the chances of employees breaking glassware when bussing tables or washing dishes, and it helps prevent customers from accidentally breaking their drinking glasses, hurting themselves, and making a mess. Make sure that you choose drinking glasses that are designed for heavy-duty commercial use.

2. Consider Their Size

Next, consider the size of the drinking glasses that you choose for your restaurant. If they are too large, then you have to worry about product waste, and you also have to worry about them being harder to handle and taking up more space in your dishwasher when your team is washing dishes. If they're too small, though, customers could be left unsatisfied, and it will be more difficult for your hard-working servers to keep customers' glasses full.

3. Order More Than You Think Your Restaurant Needs

When ordering, go ahead and order more than you think your restaurant needs. Over time, some of your glasses will end up missing, and some of them will probably get broken, even if you do buy durable glassware. Additionally, on busy days, it might be hard for your dishwashing team to get them clean fast enough. If you're able to find a good deal, ordering an extra box or two of glasses will help you make sure that you have plenty on hand so that you don't run out or have to place another order too soon.

When ordering drinking glasses for your restaurant, you'll want to think about the three points that you have read above. Make sure you buy from a good glass supplier and shop around for the right style and deal. Then, you will have the drinking glasses that you need so that you can serve the customers in your restaurant without a problem. For more information, contact a company like Louis Wohl & Sons Inc.