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Helpful Tips For Storing Your Coffee Beans

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Whether you purchase your coffee beans a pound at a time or you like to buy them in bulk, you probably want to make sure that you store them properly. After all, this is very important if you want to maintain the quality of your coffee beans as well as possible. If you don't really know how to store your coffee beans, you will probably find the following advice to be helpful.

Don't Store in a Clear Container

Coffee beans are often quite attractive and can make a nice aesthetic addition to your coffee bar or coffee area. However, storing coffee beans in a clear glass or plastic container is usually not a good idea. After all, coffee beans can be negatively impacted by light. Therefore, you should be sure that you don't store your coffee beans in a see-through container of any kind.

Make Sure They're Tightly Sealed

Perhaps one of the most important things that you can do if you want to maintain the quality of your coffee beans is to make sure that you keep them properly and tightly sealed in a container with a lid. This helps maintain freshness and helps you prevent any spills, too. You may want to specifically look for a container that is designed to help store coffee beans to help ensure that the container provides a proper seal for coffee beans.

Keep Them Away From Heat

If you are tempted to store your coffee beans near your stove or near a window, you should reconsider your decision. Coffee beans can be negatively impacted by heat. Therefore, you should store them in a nice, cool place if at all possible. However, you should not store them in the refrigerator or freezer, since this can expose them to dampness and can even cause them to pick up the smells and flavors of the other food items that might be stored in your refrigerator or freezer. Instead, consider storing them in a cool, dry, and dark cabinet that is away from your stove, your heater, or any other warmer areas of the kitchen.

Don't Buy Too Many at One Time

One mistake that many people make is purchasing too many coffee beans at one time. Although you'll want to make sure that you have enough so that you won't run out, and although you can use various storage methods to help ensure they last as long as possible, you'll probably want to only purchase the coffee beans that you will use within a week or so. Then, you can help ensure the best possible freshness each time that you grind your coffee beans and make your own cup of coffee.

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