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Qualities Of A Good Cubed Ice Company

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If you ever need to purchase cubed ice, whether, for your business or any other reason, there are certain qualities that you should look for to know if it's high quality. The quality of the ice cubes will determine how useful they are, so it's more important to consider than many realize. If you run a restaurant and use ice in your drinks, you must buy it from a company that takes pride in its product. 

Aside from the ice itself, the company you buy the ice from should also live up to specific standards. You'll be relying on them to provide you with enough ice and deliver it to you often enough so you don't ever run out. It's also vital that their prices aren't too high so it doesn't harm your profit margin. 

Clean Ice

Perhaps the most important quality of ice cubes is that they're clean, so it's vital that your supplier thoroughly inspects their ice and follows strict sanitation requirements. If someone notices debris in one of the ice cubes you put in their drink, they may question the sanitary level of your entire establishment. After all, if you'll serve dirty ice to your customers, how can they be sure that the other things you serve are safe and clean?

Ice Won't Change the Taste of Drinks

Another common issue with some ice is that it negatively affects your drinks' taste. The water used to make the ice should have as neutral of a taste as possible so it doesn't affect the drinks other than keeping them cold. Many ice companies realize this and ensure that their ice cubes won't change the taste of your drinks.

Well-Formed Ice

An often overlooked quality of good ice cubes is that they're fully formed and not broken into smaller pieces. If they break into small pieces, people can get small chunks of ice in their mouths when sipping their drinks, which many find unpleasant. You may also get fewer full cubes which means you're getting less for your money, primarily if you only use the whole cubes and discard broken pieces. 

On-Time Deliveries

You rely on the ice company to deliver to you on a set schedule, so you don't need to store extra inventory at your restaurant, and so you always have ice cubes available for your customers. An ice cube company will follow that schedule with no issues, so you'll never have to worry about running out of ice.  

For more information about cubed ice, contact a local company.