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5 Sensational And Satisfying Sandwiches That Begin With Brioche

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Put a fresh spin on some sandwich favorites with unconventional toppings and fresh-baked brioche bread and rolls. Since the bread is the foundation of these sandwich ideas, make sure to buy only the freshest and best available in your region.

Here are five satisfying sandwiches that start with fresh-baked brioche:

1.      Grilled Cheese and Pear

A grilled cheese sandwich is the benchmark of comfort food, and there are hundreds of ways to prepare these popular lunchtime treats. For something that is both sweet and savory, brown your brioche bread in butter in a pan and add thick slices of aged cheddar until it melts. While it cooks, drain and dry sliced, canned pears; arrange the slices on the melted cheese and serve.

2.      Deviled Egg Salad

Give a simple egg salad something different with some flavorings that you might find in a deviled egg. Combine your chopped, hard-boiled egg with mayo, mustard, salt, and pepper, but add some siracha sauce, canned deviled ham, and crumbled bacon. Finish with a little smoked paprika and spread on a soft brioche bun.

3.      Pickled Vegetable and Cheese

For a European-inspired sandwich, layer your brioche slices with thick slices of horseradish or muenster cheese. Drain and dry pickled Italian vegetables — found in the pickle section of your grocery store — and spread over the cheese. Sprinkle with a bit of olive oil and vinegar, as well as a pinch of dried parsley.

4.      Hazelnut Spread and Bacon Jam

Another sweet and salty combination involves chocolate hazelnut spread and homemade bacon jam. Spread liberally on thick, soft slices of brioche or a brioche hamburger bun. If the idea of chocolate and bacon scares you, substitute the hazelnut spread for softened cream cheese.

5.      Breakfast in the Hole

For a quick brunch-time treat, cut holes in the center of sliced bread with a biscuit cutter. Grill one side in a pan with butter until golden and flip, then quickly crack an egg in the center of the hole. Flip again to complete cooking, remove from the heat, and sprinkle with cheese and green onions to finish.

If you are taking your sandwich to go, consider toasting the bread or bun lightly to prevent it from becoming soggy. Wrap hot sandwiches in aluminum foil to keep them warm and toasty.

Create your own redux of your family's favorite sandwiches with a few unexpected ingredients and some delicious fresh-baked brioche bread. Can't find fresh brioche? You may substitute light challah bread, airy egg rolls, or soft potato buns if available.