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Are You Hosting an Easter Open House?

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Is it a tradition in your family to attend a sunrise service on Easter Sunday? Perhaps the tradition also includes hosting an open house event after for friends and family who have attended Easter church services. If you already know exactly what you want to serve at your Easter Sunday open house, you don't need to read a single other word. However, you may be looking for ways to tweak your traditional menu, Or, you may be looking for something totally different to offer your guests this Easter Sunday. If that's the case, from using Hawaiian sea salt to using new ingredients, here are some ideas that night help you. 

Use Hawaiian Sea Salt

If you have used Hawaiian sea salt in the past, you already know that it adds a special flavor to foods. If you haven't used it before, be ready for a new taste sensation. Also, be ready to enhance the presentation of your foods. Hawaiian sea salt provides a bit of a crunchy texture to foods. In addition, the reddish color adds interest to the way the foods look. For example, if you serve deviled eggs as part of your Easter meal, top them with a touch of the Hawaiian sea salt to give them an attractive appearance and a delicious taste.

Consider using Hawaiian sea salt in your desserts, too. For example, hazelnut-flavored ice cream topped with the sea salt will give it more pizzaz. Another idea is to top drinks with Hawaiian sea salt. For example, sweet lemonade with a bit of the sea salt sprinkled on top of the beverage will probably be a new experience for all who attend your open house. If you are considering using Hawaiian sea salt, you might want to try a trusted brand like Hawaii Kai Corporation

Use Unexpected Ingredients

Do you serve fresh or canned green beans as a side dish to an Easter ham? This time toss them with plenty of freshly grated parmesan cheese to give them a wonderful flavor. Perhaps you traditionally serve mint jelly with a lamb dish. If that's the case, consider also offering jalapeño-flavored jelly. Make a very easy and delicious salad by mixing commercially prepared ranch dressing with canned baby peas. 

Use new ingredients in your desserts, too. For example, if you prepare a chocolate cake, consider adding a bit of Mexican Kalhua to the batter before you bake it. If you are serving bread pudding, think of topping it with a generous amount of Hawaiian sea salt. That will provide a sweet and salty taste combination that you will probably want to serve again and again.