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Baby Rattle-Shaped Cookie Shower Favor Ideas

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If you're planning a baby shower for yourself, a friend or loved one, you most likely have a lot of on your to-do list, from reserving an event venue to creating the guest list and lunch menu. No matter how busy you get, don't forget to pick out favors, which are sweet parting gifts to send guests home with.

There are many different types of baby shower favors from which to choose, including pink- or blue-colored candies, cans of soda with humorous "about to pop" labels, plants and small vases of pastel-hued flowers. One gift idea that you know most guests will love, however, is some type of baked treat. As a whimsical touch, bake up batches of baby rattle-shaped cookies using a specialty cutter and present them to guests either alone, or with a complementary item. 

You can find baby rattle-shaped cutters online or possibly at party planning or craft stores as well. While you can make cookies all in one shape, you can mix up the look with other baby-inspired designs for variety. 

Depending on the size of the baby shower guest list and if you like to bake or not, you can either make the cookie favors yourself or hire a bakery to do the job for you. If you choose to work with a popular bakery, be sure to place your order as soon as possible to make sure they're ready on the big day.

Here are some fun and tasty baby rattle cookie favor ideas to consider:

1. Cookie Bags

Treat each guest to a festive pink-, blue- or gender neutral-colored cellophane bag filled with two or more cookies. When it comes to decorating the baby rattle-shaped treats, you can use pastel-hued icing or frosting, along with candy "pearls" as the noise-making beads. 

Place one rattle-inspired cookie into each bag, along with a baby bottle-, rubber duck-, pacifier- or baby shoe-shaped one as well. Tie the bag with a ribbon as finishing touch.

2. Cookie Pops 

Another playful favor idea is baby rattle-shaped cookie pops. To make these delicious-yet-decorative treats, insert sticks into the bottoms of the cookies prior to baking. Frost the baked goods and use icing to write the baby shower details, such as the date and infant's name, on the front of each. Wrap the cookie portions in clear cellophane and secure with a ribbon bow. 

Either stand the cookie pops up in a basket filled with floral foam, or insert them into cupcakes. For more help, contact a company like Truly Mad Plastics LLC.